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Really impressed with these, such a good idea too


so impressed and happy with our keyring! love that it can also be used to carry poo bags when out and about

What more could you want!

The soaps just smell so good and the soap dish is beautiful, whilst saving our seas and planet. Just love these!

Just stunning!

Absolutely love my mug, it’s so beautiful. Love that it really looks like the sand and sea and has beautiful detail, even down to the inside glaze. Would highly recommend!


Functional and also very aesthetically pleasing! This soap dish is great for use with human soaps or for the dog shampoo bars. Knowing it’s made from recycled fishing nets makes them even better. Highly recommend!

Coasters with a difference

These coasters not only look beautiful, but are also making a wonderful impact on our planet. Made from ghost fishing nets, they help to keep our oceans clean. Definitely something we should all strive to do!

Absolutely stunning

I absolutely love this mug! It is absolutely beautifully made, and the glaze truly looks like it’s been plucked from the ocean (which is what the word Cuan means!).
The craftsmanship and time that has went into making it is really evident, and it’s a piece that I’ll cherish.

Great combo

Perfect combo with the soap bars. And a lovely looking soap dish. Knowing how they are made from recycled fishing net and rope makes it extra special.

Stunningly perfect

I just love this whole part of wild and sea using fishing net and rope to make useable products. And these are such a great everyday product. Which help with oceans, and protects your table from marks! Colours are gorgeous.

The best accessory!!

These are so versatile and are absolutely perfect for keys and poo bags. They're brilliant for attaching to treat bags & training vests when out with your dogs, or keeping keys safe (and handy) in your bag when out and about!!

Recycled fishing net coasters

Absolutely love these coasters, beautiful colours and textures. I Love the idea they have been recycled from fishing nets to help stop our marine life becoming entangled in deadly nets.

Porth thrown mug

Love the colours, design of this mug and the quality. I would definitely purchase more. Love the idea that it’s been hand thrown and different. My new favourite coffee mug.

Cyan hand thrown mug

Beautiful design and perfect size for a coffee. Love that they are all hand thrown & different. Great customer service & delivery from a lovely business who is helping to protect our environment.

Love it

Beautifully made mug, so pleased with it. Great size and stunning colour 🩵

Fantastic innovation

Highly recommend this coffee cup, love the story behind the product and the coffee cup is excellent too! Great work 👏🏻

So impressed with this travel mug - totally leakproof, keeps drink hot for up to 90 minutes (which is what I wanted instead of those that keep them boiling hot and undrinkable for hours!) 360 lid makes drinking easy and spill-proof! More than I would normally spend on a travel mug but I love that this brand stands which is why I ordered and it was SO WORTH IT! ⭐️

Travel mug

Absolutely love the idea behind these mugs, recycling forgotten ghost nets is just an amazing idea and very close to my heart, working along our heritage coast lines. My order arrived promptly and will definitely be ordering another for my partner soon.

Good for the you and good for the planet

Great mug, perfect size, leak-proof and keeps your coffee warm. Would highly recommend!

Superb travel cup making a difference

A great lightweight, non leak, easy to drink from cup. Keeps drink hot or cold which is just what you want from a travel mug. But it is so much more than that. Being made form ghost fishing nets, make it different though. This mug literally makes a difference to our planet and I blooming love that. 10/10 love it.

Fresh and fluffy

Great shampoo, pup has quite a naturally coarse coat but love how soft and shiny she was (and still is)! Smells lovely - new favourite!

Great purchase

My puppy would eat her food within seconds of it being put down; this has been great at slowing her. Love the material, feels great quality and sticks to the surface it’s placed on well

Game changer!

Genuinely one of the best things I’ve bought for my pup. She would wolf her food down in minutes and with the enrichment bowl it’s taking her a good 15-20 mins to finish. I can tell she enjoys scooping the food out, it’s keeping her brain busy! Have recommended to so many people! And what a lovely business too, with a core value of protecting the planet which we love!

Shampoo Bars

Love these products so much! And after having use the liquid shampoo before I have been fully converted over to the shampoo bars. They lather so nicely, smell amazing and are very long lasting.
I equally love the sustainability of these products, the lack of plastic is a real plus for me, but that aside I would be buying these every time.

Very handy

Using it as a keyring and clip it onto something when we are out with the dog. Usually I can never find my keys but this keeps it nice and handy in one place and I can’t lose them.

Smells amazing!!

My absolute favourite candle at the moment. Makes my living room smell amazing and lasts much longer than expected. Will definitely get another one!