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Great purchase

My puppy would eat her food within seconds of it being put down; this has been great at slowing her. Love the material, feels great quality and sticks to the surface it’s placed on well

Game changer!

Genuinely one of the best things I’ve bought for my pup. She would wolf her food down in minutes and with the enrichment bowl it’s taking her a good 15-20 mins to finish. I can tell she enjoys scooping the food out, it’s keeping her brain busy! Have recommended to so many people! And what a lovely business too, with a core value of protecting the planet which we love!

Shampoo Bars

Love these products so much! And after having use the liquid shampoo before I have been fully converted over to the shampoo bars. They lather so nicely, smell amazing and are very long lasting.
I equally love the sustainability of these products, the lack of plastic is a real plus for me, but that aside I would be buying these every time.

Very handy

Using it as a keyring and clip it onto something when we are out with the dog. Usually I can never find my keys but this keeps it nice and handy in one place and I can’t lose them.

Smells amazing!!

My absolute favourite candle at the moment. Makes my living room smell amazing and lasts much longer than expected. Will definitely get another one!

This smells divine

This is my third candle from Wild & Sea. Like the other 2 this smells absolutely amazing and is long lasting.

So handy!

This is so handy and in use all the time now. I’m not a big fan of straps that go around the neck but this is the perfect solution. Gives me peace that I won’t drop my camera!

Quality Product

Will definitely purchase this scent again. Smells amazing and not just for Christmas. Quick delivery and perfectly packaged. Thank you again Wild & Sea for another quality product .

Love it

I use this as my everyday strap as it's light, flexible and comfortable 👍

Helps and smells lovely!

We got this for my parents pooches as they get dry noses and cracked paws. It's really helped, plus it smells divine (we got the scented one). We're about to get some for our own dogs :)

I bought the balm to help keep my dogs paws hydrated and it does an absolute brilliant job at this. I have also used it on a sore my dog had on his face and I believe it helped soothe this. I love that it is completely natural and this is important to me, quick delivery & will definitely order again

Quality candle & Amazing scent

Could not be happier with this candle. It smells amazing and by far one of the best on the market (and I've tested a lot!). Fast delivery & great communication. Will definitely be buying more. Thank you Wild & Sea.

Really high quality!

Love this shampoo bar so much, it lathers up so quickly and really goes a long way in getting a muddy spaniel clean! Reduces bath time massively, which is so necessary for a dog who hates being clean

Gorgeous candle

I absolutely love this candle. Such a gentle scent throw, not overpowering or headache inducing like some can be. Lovely even burn as well (there’s nothing more annoying than an uneven burn!!). Highly recommend!

Enrichment bowl

Great enrichment bowl - sturdy and lovely colour!

One of our faves

Love these enrichment bowls. We use them daily to make feeding times a little longer lasting whilst looking great 👍

Such a handy thing to have

Love this! I clip it onto my dog walking bumbag and then any poop picked up is clipped on and hey presto no more carrying poop bags in your hands whilst trying to do a million other things out on our adventures. A simple yet essential item for our daily activities from round the block walks to long adventures 🤎

a hidden gem amongst the every growing world of dog products!

i love everything this brand stands for and they really do care about what they are putting out their too sell!

Just Incredible!

Omg I cannot say enough good about this company and this shampoo! It always leaves my Collie smelling nice and looking clean afterwards no matter how muddy he is! He’s never had an issue with it either, other shampoos we’ve used have left him a little itchy afterwards but he is completely unfazed by Wild and Sea’s products. Also absolutely amazing for anybody with sensitive skin/dermatitis! I struggle badly with dermatitis and dog shampoos were causing so much pain for me, but with this I felt nothing and my hands were perfectly fine! I couldn’t quite believe how amazing this stuff was for myself as well as my dog. Can’t recommend Wild and Sea enough, their products are amazing! :)

Smells absolutely divine!

We ordered 2 variants of the liquid shampoo, 1 bar shampoo and the Christmas Noël Candle and I can quite honestly say it's the best smelling package we've had for a long long time.

I cannot comprehend how you make shampoo that smells that good, whilst also being natural, for dogs!!

I will be hiding this from my other half as I know he'll be reaching for it in the shower without reading the label haha

Fast shipping and great customer service

We will definitely be ordering more. Thank you!

Jess & Piper x

The best dog shampoo

Big fan of wild and sea shampoos. Not only do they smell great without being overly perfumed, I love knowing they are gentle for my pups skin as well as having ingredients which are good for his coat and skin. Wouldn’t use any other shampoo.

This is such a great item! I keep it clipped to my car keys, and it comes in so handy for walks. Once I have a filled bag, I simply unclip it from my keys and clip it with the bag, onto the dogs lead - perfect! And once I have reached a bin, I then clip it back onto my keys again. The velcro fastening is also great as it means I can attach it to the car boot spokes while dealing with the dogs, saving me (and the dogs) from accidentally locking the keys in the car! Genius product ⭐️

The perfect Christmas candle ✨ Smells lovely, and not overpowering or synthetic like some can. I absolutely love the glass jar as well, as it means I can reuse/recycle.