Recycled Fishing Net

Recycled Fishing Net Soap Dish

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Made in the U.K from recycled ghost fishing gear collected on the coastline

Make waves and help clean up the ocean from deadly plastic with our soap dishes made from recycled fishing gear retrieved on the coastline around England and Wales - mostly Cornwall and Devon

Just like our plaNET Travel Mugs and coasters, the marbling that the fishing gear gives them is completely unique to each piece

Fishing net and rope is the most deadly of ocean plastics as it continues to haunt the sea for centuries - catching and entangling anything in its path from smaller fish to larger marine mammals like seals, dolphins and whales

Helps your soap last longer by providing a free drain and aeration after use

8cm x 8cm x 2cm

Your coasters will be unique just to you, as the marbeling effect from the net varies

A truly sustainable solution to help rid the ocean of plastic whilst sipping your brew at home 🌊 ♻️ 🐋 ☕

The deadly problem with ghost fishing gear

The Process ♺

From coastline to soap dish...


Lost, abandoned or discarded fishing gear is collected along the coastline of England and Wales

Clean & Shred

This fishing gear is then deconstructed and sorted into different polymer types, cleaned and finally, shredded


It's then melted and extruded into 100% recycled fishing net pellets used our soap dishes

Made from recycled fishing gear

Collected from around England and Wales

Made in the U.K.

Supporting local people and keeping manufacturing in the U.K.

1% of all sales

from this mug, and all our products, is donated to environmental non-profits

Ocean Plastic Collection FAQ

As part of our sustainability journey we strive to be as transparent as possible

Here you'll find some information and behind the scenes answers for our recycled fishing net products

Report Ghost Fishing Gear

If any animals are in danger please immediately contact British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) here.

If you encounter ghost fishing gear anywhere in the U.K, whether in the sea or on the coastline, click the button below to alert Neptune's Pirates / Captain Paul Watson Foundation

Image taken and provided by British Divers Marine Life Rescue

Customer Reviews

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Functional and also very aesthetically pleasing! This soap dish is great for use with human soaps or for the dog shampoo bars. Knowing it’s made from recycled fishing nets makes them even better. Highly recommend!

Great combo

Perfect combo with the soap bars. And a lovely looking soap dish. Knowing how they are made from recycled fishing net and rope makes it extra special.

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