Organic Dog Shampoo (Bergamot & Sweet Orange)

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Type: Ocean-Bound Plastic Bottle (200ml)
Bottle made from Ocean Bound Plastic - that's plastic found and collected along coastal areas and then recycled ♺

Our Bergamot & Sweet Orange natural dog shampoo is crafted with certified organic ingredients and enriched with organic coconut and botanical oils.

It gently cleanses, moisturises, and revitalises your dog's coat, whilst thoroughly removing odours, leaving it naturally fragrant and soft.

A light citrusy scent with a subtle Bergamot undertone that doesn't linger on your dog for days, as no synthetic fragrances are used.

The Organic Coconut oil promotes a healthy, shiny coat, adds moisture to the skin and naturally repels fleas and pests.

By using naturally mild plant-based oils, it's hypoallergenic - suitable for all dog breeds, including puppies from 8 weeks.

I have dermatitis on my hands and this is one of the only products that doesn't irritate them. Considering how bad it can get I'm so happy to say how amazing it is for it to not flare up by just washing my dog!

Ellee via Instagram

I cannot comprehend how you make shampoo that smells that good, whilst also being natural, for dogs!!

Jess via Google reviews

True dedication to creating the best products, eco conscious and really care for the customer. I have both scents of dog shampoo and they are AMAZING

Kirsty via Google reviews

Natural and Organic

99%+ Natural. 75% Certified Organic ingredients

Zero nasty synthetic stuff

No Parabens, Phalates, Petrochemicals, SLS, SLES... The list goes on

Naturally mild and Hypoallergenic

It’s gentle on your skin too

Each year 12 million tonnes of plastic pollution enters the ocean

We're proudly part of the solution to help stop this

The journey from coastal plastic waste to our bottles ♺

We partnered with Prevented Ocean Plastic™ from day one to recycle Ocean Bound Plastic waste, that would otherwise end up in the ocean, into our dog shampoo bottles. Here's how it's done...


Discarded plastic bottles are picked up by plastic collectors from areas at risk of ocean plastic pollution


The plastic bottles are then sorted and pressed for transport to plastic recycling facilities


It's then washed, sanitised and processed into raw material flakes, all according to European quality standards

Customer Reviews

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Kristina M.
Fresh and fluffy

Great shampoo, pup has quite a naturally coarse coat but love how soft and shiny she was (and still is)! Smells lovely - new favourite!

Just Incredible!

Omg I cannot say enough good about this company and this shampoo! It always leaves my Collie smelling nice and looking clean afterwards no matter how muddy he is! He’s never had an issue with it either, other shampoos we’ve used have left him a little itchy afterwards but he is completely unfazed by Wild and Sea’s products. Also absolutely amazing for anybody with sensitive skin/dermatitis! I struggle badly with dermatitis and dog shampoos were causing so much pain for me, but with this I felt nothing and my hands were perfectly fine! I couldn’t quite believe how amazing this stuff was for myself as well as my dog. Can’t recommend Wild and Sea enough, their products are amazing! :)

Smells absolutely divine!

We ordered 2 variants of the liquid shampoo, 1 bar shampoo and the Christmas Noël Candle and I can quite honestly say it's the best smelling package we've had for a long long time.

I cannot comprehend how you make shampoo that smells that good, whilst also being natural, for dogs!!

I will be hiding this from my other half as I know he'll be reaching for it in the shower without reading the label haha

Fast shipping and great customer service

We will definitely be ordering more. Thank you!

Jess & Piper x

The best dog shampoo

Big fan of wild and sea shampoos. Not only do they smell great without being overly perfumed, I love knowing they are gentle for my pups skin as well as having ingredients which are good for his coat and skin. Wouldn’t use any other shampoo.