Wild + Sea Keyring / Dog Poo Bag Clip

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Colour: Black
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Multifunctional keyring with an engraved matte black metal clip, that can also be used as a dog poo bag holder.

Clip through your poo bag and fold the velcro through a bag string or metal lead ring.

Customer Reviews

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Sara B.
The best accessory!!

These are so versatile and are absolutely perfect for keys and poo bags. They're brilliant for attaching to treat bags & training vests when out with your dogs, or keeping keys safe (and handy) in your bag when out and about!!

Alisha S.
Very handy

Using it as a keyring and clip it onto something when we are out with the dog. Usually I can never find my keys but this keeps it nice and handy in one place and I can’t lose them.

Such a handy thing to have

Love this! I clip it onto my dog walking bumbag and then any poop picked up is clipped on and hey presto no more carrying poop bags in your hands whilst trying to do a million other things out on our adventures. A simple yet essential item for our daily activities from round the block walks to long adventures 🤎


This is such a great item! I keep it clipped to my car keys, and it comes in so handy for walks. Once I have a filled bag, I simply unclip it from my keys and clip it with the bag, onto the dogs lead - perfect! And once I have reached a bin, I then clip it back onto my keys again. The velcro fastening is also great as it means I can attach it to the car boot spokes while dealing with the dogs, saving me (and the dogs) from accidentally locking the keys in the car! Genius product ⭐️

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