is, and always will be, a cornerstone of Wild + Sea

Striving to always do better

Approaching it through...

Direct action

Rolling our sleeves up and regularly doing beach cleans in Cornwall, Devon and Dorset. Plastic in the ocean in something we're particularly passionate about stopping and one way to do this is to get down to the beaches

Our products

We've set a high bar from day one when it comes to the materials and the ingredients that go into our products and this will never change. Check out the info on each product page to see the impact

Community engagement

We encourage our amazing community and customers to get involved and join in on #WildAndSeaPickUp3 and we're working on new ways to make this even easier and more rewarding

We give at least 1% of our total revenue to carefully selected nonprofit organisations and charities who are tackling different issues our planet faces

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Encouraging our community to pick up 3 or more bits of plastic pollution whilst out walking their dog

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Beach cleans

Practicing what we preach and getting our hands dirty. We do beach cleans 2-3 times a week in South Devon. Recovering as much as we can, usually 10-15kg each time, sometimes alot more - from tiny microplastics to larger fishing net and everything in between. We have some exciting news on the way about this ocean plastic

In South Devon and want to join us?

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We partnered with Prevented Ocean Plastic™ from day one to make our dog shampoo bottles from recycled Ocean Bound Plastic - that's plastic found and collected on coastlines at high risk of plastic pollution, and then recycled

How it works

Surfers Against Sewage 'Plastic Free Champion'

We're proud to have gained the highest status in Surfers Against Sewage 'Plastic Free Champion' Award. We set up Wild + Sea from day one to never use single use plastic in any of our products, packaging or internally in our business, and regularly work with our suppliers to eliminate it from any supplies we receive

Recycled, Reused, and 100% Recyclable packaging

We believe offering just "recyclable packaging" isn't enough. We know from developing some of our products that a large percentage of what gets collected from our homes doesn't get recycled.

In addition to 100% recyclable packaging (yep, right down to the paper tape), we source the majority of our boxes from FSC certified (read: sustainable) sources, use 100% recycled shredded cardboard padding, and have now introduced a "tick for reused packaging" at checkout