Why we're a 1% for the Planet member

Why we're a 1% for the Planet member

If you've bought one our products or checked them out on our website you may have spotted that stamped on them somewhere is a little circle with "1%" inside. So I'd thought I'd explain what it means and how we came about putting it on our products...

So what is 1% for the Planet?

Well as their website describes it, "1% for the Planet is a global network of businesses, nonprofits and individuals working together for a healthy planet”.

I see it as a matchmaker between businesses that want to do good and give back to the environment and the very organisations that actively have boots on the ground and are doing good by helping conserve, protect and provide solutions for the environment.

It seems especially fitting that 1% for the Planet was started by Patagonia founder, Yvon Chouinard, in 2002, and Craig Mathews of Blue Ribbon Flies. Patagonia arguably set the benchmark decades ago for corporate, social, and environmental responsibility.

Each member gives at least 1% of its total revenue to one or more of the carefully selected nonprofit organisations and charities who are each tackling different problems our planet faces.

Why did we join?

I first discovered 1% for the Planet at Byron Bay Surf Festival in Australia in 2013. Patagonia had recently opened up a store in town, and were premiering a short film and holding talks as part of the festival (that's where the picture at the top is from) alongside some of their 1% for the Planet members.

One of these members was Kleen Kanteen, who were one of the first to join 1% for the Planet, and I bought one of their water bottles. On one side it had the 1% for the Planet logo engraved. That's the first time I really saw it or paid any attention to it, and thought it was a really cool idea that there were businesses out there whose sole purpose wasn't just to make profit.

I've always found these types of businesses inspiring; 3 years prior I met with Mart and Rob, Founders of Rapanui and now Teemill, as well as Guy, Founder of Riverford, for my Uni thesis to learn about why they do business in the way that they do. All people who stand up for something they believe in and challenge what is normally accepted. (Side note: Guy features in the first 7 mins of Rick Stein's newly released series where he talks about why he does what he does, if you want to check it out on iPlayer here).

Fast forward 10 years

On 25th July 2023 we opened our doors under the brand name "Waggy's" and the very first day we became 1% for the Planet members.

I like the way 1% for the Planet is set up, for a few main reasons; Firstly it's revenue (i.e. total sales) based and transparent. Giving "an X percent of profit from this product" didn't quite feel right, as it's vague. Ever wondered how much is actually being donated when you see this?

Also, it's inclusive of all total income - retail sales, wholesale, any other income streams - everything. All in. And it's audited and certified yearly. Whether we make a profit or not, at least 1% is donated regardless.

Lastly, it's ongoing - it's not just for a day, or for one product. It's 24/7, 365 days a year, for everything.

Perhaps the best bit is, it means that the more we grow as a business, the more our giving grows at the same time. 

What else?

Quite a bit in terms of sustainability, but i'll leave that for future stories. I'll be writing in here semi-regularly of people, adventures, places, creators, passions, and anything that inspires us. As well as the odd thing here and there on ourselves of course.

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